My Little Oasis


Ah yes, Malibu - my sweet little oasis. Growing up just a short drive away in Calabasas, I quickly became accustomed to finding time to getaway and just check out from the daily grind. As someone who feels a sense of calm by the ocean, I became a regular whilst unintentionally adding sand to the stockpile developing in my car post visits. I love the city, always will, but it does get overwhelming. Traffic, smog, noise etc. So you can imagine that once I left my cozy home base to the hustle and bustle of the city, I took any excuse to go to my mini oasis. This is why I cannot get enough of the California coast line. **Hint** If you ever have the opportunity to drive along highway 1, do it. Your welcome. There is a sense of comfort listening to the waves crash, the ebb and flow of water, observing the lifeforms developing in the cracks of boulders, seeing people laugh and frolic about. That is life. I took a few snaps of my little hideaway. Enjoy!