Overdue Resolutions

Its been sometime that i've been forthright on my blog & really gave a heartfelt look into the inner workings of my brain.

Some moments I feel jovial, as if I can conquer any task or difficulty at hand. Then there are moments where it seems that no matter what I do, there is something counter productive that happens which leaves me defeated and frustrated. 

A wise confidant informed me that those are the ebbs & flows of life and if one keeps on persevering through the adversities, then success & reward will soon follow. Seems so easy, right? Ha! I definitely had a hard time wrapping my brain around the benefits of tests and difficulties.

Granted that before the new year began I was already on a semi- health kick (thank you B Fit!) - I have to attribute my persistence in the midst of chaos has been in part to wonderful people & trainers at B Fit Los Angeles who've kept pushing me when I wanted to quit and the regularity of working out with their sessions.

Silly as it sounds, since I've been training, I have much more strength to keep going - mind over matter if you will. That change is constant & dare I say, even good for you. I've seen myself push through pain & tell myself that the reward will be worth it all. I was right! 

My body has changed, parts are perkier & toned - definition in areas I didn't even think could look like that. My mood (for the most part) has been in better spirits & having such a healthy outlet when I feel there is a cloud raining on my parade, is the best.

This is why I truly cant stop raving about Bryna's variety of workout classes & hours! She even has free sessions every month you can attend that i've mentioned here & here. Ps can't wait to show you my before & after pics!

 I also have a few other goals & aspirations I hope to reach in the new year that I'd love to share with you.

  • To approach each day with curiosity
  • Show gratitude & gracefulness for every moment
  • Buy less, choose well
  • Smile more
  • Travel abroad
  • Volunteer in helping others
  • Send snail mail
  • Eat clean
  • Remain noble
  • Don't stress out over the little things

Love to hear what your resolutions are!