But First...

by Guisou Akhavan

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Thoughts: Life usually has those all or nothing kind of moments, the one where you take the leap & free fall hoping you land on your feet. Eager and nervous, cannot wait for the new adventures ahead. My heart is full of hopefulness and love. Bring it on world. 


You + me = us

by Guisou Akhavan in

Lets just reminisce a minute on this vid by 2gether. The subject of the song is actually a relevant one - 2 becoming one (so cheesy I know).

Lately I've been having intense discussions about what makes a relationship/marriage thrive versus the red flags that people overlook. Its kind of sad to see people you know get married and not even a year in unfortunately get a divorce or happy relationships crumble suddenly. I've asked in hindsight what would they have done differently.

Sorry this is getting heavy for a second here but its just something I want to highlight. Marriage isn't a solution to your problems, neither is a relationship if you haven't sorted yourself out first.

Ok so overwhelmingly the most obvious and ignored aspect is communication. Does the person you're with know how to articulate themselves if something is annoying the shit out of them or do they just vent out to others instead? How about if they want to be exclusive and what that mean to them. Also another big one is trust and commitment. Its so easy to dismiss things these days because our generation has a tremendously low attention span or tolerance to make things work. They're fearful of putting in a little effort. I'm sorry you didn't realize that getting involved with another person in your life takes compromise, consultation and understanding but it does. Alot of it. Lastly, we need to learn to have more respect for one another, especially those that allow themselves to become emotionally vulnerable to us so we can be raw and transparent with one another. No one should abuse this but so many unfortunately do. 

Now of the non-pessimistic side - when you do find someone who checks all (or most) boxes on your list and makes you want to be a better person and values you as a human being, hold on to them and don't let go (unless they ask). It shouldn't matter if their family is a little different than yours, or if they have a non traditional job or how much money they make. Do they have ambition, how about a good heart, do they respect you and you're on the same side with hot button topics like religion, goals, & viewpoints? If you said yes to these then don't be an idiot & be thankful that you've got someone like that in your life. :) 


by Guisou Akhavan

This Wednesday I'm craving something that is on the cusp of being achieved - a little r & r. Officially less than a month till I go travel and explore! Going back to my old stomping grounds is thrilling. 5 years too many. My arsenal will obviously contain a good pair of sunnies, a trusty purse and oh so comfy sneakers. Now the hard part is figuring out this weather & my birthday dress. Envisioning something fun, kinda like that emoji of the lady in red. In the meantime...the hunt continues.