Reflection & Gratitude

Reflecting back on 2017, I have dealt with my share of disappointments and struggles. Yet grateful for those moments of growth in between. Being given the opportunities to reach certain goals and achieve special milestones was also a highlight of mine. I was fortunate to travel the world, make new friends and be involved in unique projects. I look forward to keeping this momentum going.

Furthermore, since the new year has commenced I thought I would write a letter to 2018. 

Dear 2018, 

Please show me kindness and strength. To be kind to myself and the strength to know when to speak up or move on. To show the citizens of the world that vulnerability is not a weakness and our differences add variety to life. For those that are self-serving to wake up and realize their actions are impactful, no matter how larger or small. And lastly, for our priorities to be with good intention. I love you and whatever you bring our way.

❀️ G


All Of The Carbs

Sometimes you just need some carbs to hit the spot. That's why I had a delicious time eating at Uovo (Italian for egg). Their pasta is simple but rich, making my mouth salivate in delight! Below are some of the dishes that caught my eye and satisfied my stomach.

Polo Classic

What more can you ask for than an event which combines the art of people watching and polo. After hearing all the buzz about this annual event, a few girlfriends and I made our way to the polo field which was held at the Will Rodgers Historic Park courtesy of Veuve Clicquot. Armed with a much needed umbrella and a refreshing drink, I was ready for the festivities to begin. It was an absolute treat to be surrounded by friends with a little picnic in tow as we waited for the polo match to start (cue Pretty Woman vibes). This preppy soiree was well worth the anticipation, as I took in all the glamorous looks - men in seersucker suits and women in gorgeous frocks. Also any excuse to dress up is a win win in my books. Looking forward to next year!