Versus Versace

Ta da! As previously mentioned in my last post, I can finally announce what secret show I attended - Versus Versace! 

So after dealing with a smelly uber (I was not going to take the tube in heels), I managed to make my way to the front entrance. While eagerly awaiting for the doors to open, the ground was thumping as the base vibrated. Models were trickling out to have one last cigarette break while donning white robes and prepped hair. Eventually I made my way down to what I can describe as what seemed an underground secret society. I was greeted by male models offering me a refreshment all the while lights were weaving around as if in a police search. Eventually I plopped down to my seat as the the base rumbled through my rib cage, indicating the show was about to begin. I couldn't help but to enjoy my favorite pastime of people watching as the last few individuals made their way down (most likely Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik tbh).

You don't know the feeling of panic until your phone decides to run out of space mid runway walk and you're frantically trying to delete apps like nobody's business. Good times. Managed to snap up a few pics for you below & included a rad video (not mine).