Brighton Beach

A few weeks back, I took a little adventure to Brighton beach. Inadvertently, Brighton's coast has been featured in quite a few films & I understand why. This place, when its warm, has a quaint retro boardwalk feel. And though it's a far cry from the sunny beaches of southern California, that didn't stop me from having a lovely time.

Funny enough, though the weather made the beach seem uninviting, I still managed to get drenched. So while I was admiring the breaking of the waves on the lookout point by the pier, the ocean had another thought in mind & crashed against the side of wall I was looking from and I ended up getting soaking wet. I kid you not, it looked like I decided to jump in. Couldn't help but to laugh it off and occupied my time inside the piers arcade arena while trying to dry off. Though I didn't take many pics (my hands were trying to stay warm in my pocket) here are some photos I managed to snap.