Summer Solstice

Pardon me and my absence. I've been a horrendous blogger and neglected writing any poignant posts...till now!

I am not sure about you, but summer has been one of my favorite seasons - a flashback of memories full of backyard barbecues and pool parties galore. Even though I could do without the scorching heat, its still a lovely season where you can explore the outdoors, travel and just let your hair down. So when I told myself I'd go skiing this winter and failed miserably, I vowed not to let that be a recurring theme with this season. Fingers crossed, I plan on camping, paddle boarding, surfing, cycling, swimming, and rock climbing. Its my duty as an American to do such things.

Besides that, I've been having cabin fever - I want to explore the world! Its been a few years since I've been overseas to see my relatives but I hope to change that. I think once anyone gets a taste of wanderlust, its hard not to continue exploring. I see you Australia! There is something magical (when you look beyond the TSA and cramped seating), and perhaps thats how tourists who visit LA feel. Though usually by the end of summer, if I see one more Star Struck, TMZ, Hollywood Tours truck I wish those tours didn't exist. Double edge sword, right?

I think the hardest part about traveling is finding the time and money. Remember that scene in UP! when that oh so cute couple tries to save up money so they can travel and then....spoiler alert, they don't due to unforeseen circumstances. Its always a toughy, especially when you want someone to explore with that can also slice out some time and cash to join you in on the adventure. However with that being said, don't let money be a factor that deters you from opening your eyes to new adventures. There are plenty of local spots you can visit or even venture off to a nearby city. With AirBnB, you can always find  lovely place to stay. Remember, anything is possible if you just put your mind to it.

Below I have a few pictures from my previous explorations. Also, if you follow me on PINTEREST, you can check out my favorite spots I'd love to visit!

^^^Local Fijian Market^^^

^^^Austin Art ^^^

^^^ Best Bookstore ^^^

^^^ Louve ^^^

^^^ Bunch of stones ^^^

^^^ Churchill & his gang ^^^

^^^ Big Ben ^^^

^^^ Gimps @ the London Pride Parade ^^^

^^^ Istanbul ^^^