My Evening With Alternative

Comfortable & classic are the first words that come to mind when I think of Alternative. Funny thing is, thats exactly what their clothes are like. Not sure about you, but I love it when I can rock a shirt from day to night (even to bed) and not feel an ounce of remorse. Perfect for coachella btw. With that being said, if you are a fellow angeleno, you should check out their store front on Larchmont. I had the opportunity to take a gander at their latest collection. It was an absolute treat & made me want to shove everything in a shopping bag & make like Winona. Just kidding about the last part. Their store also has a grand piano in there! Say whaaat? Get your Chopin on while shoppin....see what I did there? har har har. Ok so back to Alternative; every one of their items are lovingly designed and made with the most natural of products. Also they use alpaca wool which is just plain rad cause they're like small llamas and who doesn't love that. By the way, the cinematography of this video is breathtaking.

Alternative's latest line is tokyo inspired. Modern & minimal with a flair of something special. In addition to that, the brand is all about reducing energy & water use. This is why they use the G2 Eco-wash which is a specialized all-in-one washing machine that makes all their clothes cuddly soft & also allows them to saves up to 60% water & energy use. AMAZING! All in all you should check Alternative out here or at any of their store locations. You'll be glad you did.

^^^ The lovely women's designer Tiffany Ruiz ^^^

^^^ Gloriously soft ^^^

^^^ Stripes on Stripes ^^^

^^^ Would layer the ish outta those bracelets ^^^

^^^ The perfect "post yoga farmers market" gear ^^^