No New Friends

Need to thank Drake for the post title. Its funny how friendships converge and diverge, some fortify and others weaken, especially the older you become. There is this tendency to filter out the fluff and keep those friendships that have been there with you thick and thin, and whenever you think of those individuals, you cant help but to have a smile develop on your face. I had a moment yesterday where amongst all the things in my life, I felt alone. Alone in the sense that you have so many people surrounding you but feel lonesome. But I was only silly (and also pmsing) to think this was a reality because when it comes down to it I have some amazing and talented friends. Especially my friend Bita. I should mention she has a knack for making me laugh! Also one word to describe her - driven. She is the definition of a woman - talented, headstrong, stylish and bold. World watch out because Bita is doing great things. If you haven't, you should check out her blog. Its awesome. Also she has a splendid etsy site that has hand picked one of a kind gems.