FYF Recap

You look outside and know its gonna be a brutally hot day but you don't care cause FYF is happening. Once you manage what outfit will get you noticed for style blog photographers (many people were taking note from Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters, which I must say was a bummer for a lack of unique outfits), you waited in the long line to get through security. At this time, everyone seems to be scrambling on where to hide their flasks and whatnot so they can smuggle in their goods to the festival. Take note from Locked Up Abroad. Oof. OK so finally you're in but overloaded by all the people and sounds around you. & good luck trying to get ahold of friends with the crap phone service. Every time I tried texting someone what stage I was at, by the time it went through the show was over. Good one AT&T. Even with the overpriced falafels and bottles of water, it was such a fun festival. Especially when you're with great company. Thats what festivals are all about - inhaling dirt & smoke, making new friends, helping someone who passed out, watching bros be bros, and just vibing to the music. There were some amazing performances, with a few standing out in particular. Omar Souleyman - Perhaps its because I'm middle eastern that thats why I was entranced by his beats or cause he is a real G and actually validates the stereotype that all middle easterners are late - with Omar showing up at his 9:45 set at 10:15. Yup. Then there was Charles Bradley. Woof. Does he know how to groove. I think we all paid witness to him making sweet sweet love to his microphone stand and you know what, I didn't look away. He is exceptionally soulful and I am glad I was able to catch the tail end of his performance. & Finally Beach House. Unfortunately my phone died so I couldn't capture any images but I doubt those photos could really sum up the magical performance. Its absolutely beautiful to see all different walks of life gathering around to enjoy the melody that wafts in the air. The sad part is when it all comes to an end. But you know there is always next year.