Hi hi! Wow, umm I've been pretty much neglecting my blog. Sowwy. Been relishing in a little "me" time. Always needed every now and then.


Can we just take a moment and appreciate the beauty of hugs?  There is something so innate and comforting about it. I guess it has to do with the fact that hugging for 20 seconds releases the bonding hormone aka oxytocin aka the anti-anxiety & anti-depressant hormone. We really should give hugs more frequently. But then again, I don't want to teeter on the borderline of being weird.. though I think I crossed that threshold a while back. Whoops!


 Leather & plaid - a combination that oozes anarchy and classic charm. Zara & I seem to be on the same page. Their latest video campaign makes me want to get lost in the streets of London while being pouty & brooding at the same time.  Also bet your money that I will be layered up in those materials. Mmm.

**Images courtesy of Zara &