10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy

Who doesn't appreciate a good list? It's a rhetorical questions so don't answer that.  Anyways, occasionally those said lists entail groceries, things we put up with, and the everyday to-dos. Personally I am fond of lists that highlight the stuff that is to one's liking. Whether that is a tangible object or a concept as a whole. These are my top 10 things that on average make me terribly happy:

1. Mixed cd's - cause who doesn't treasure a good playlist

2. Peonies aka persian buttercups aka my favorite flowers in the world

3. A good laughing session with my parents, especially my dad

4. The feeling you get when you get out of the pool and lay in the sun

5. Lemon gelato (italians do it best)

6. Ordering thai food & brainstorming ideas/getting creative

7. The sense of safety when being around a particular someone

8. Comedy Shows

9. Leisure walks around the neighborhood while dabbling in flower picking

10. After gym sweat glow ...you know what I'm talking about.

** Images via various tumblrs