Hello There

Hello there! My name is Guisou - pronounced Gee-sou just in case you're wondering.

I am a lover of wholesome people, great camaraderie, & am always on the chase for adventure.

This is an outlet where I can express what piques my interest. From hobbies to memories and the bits and pieces in between. I am an enthusiastic fan of all things vibrant. Thats what I think life is all about. I can be caught jamming out in my car. I like listening to NPR, the Spice Girls pandora station and podcasts. I have a soft spot for rescued pups. I dabble in photography. Also I think current t.v. news is all puff. Gossip is whack and so is la parking.

Its about the art of not giving a single fuck.

Welcome to the chill zone. This is a mash-up of photos, events, current issues, and things that have caught my eye.

Love to read your opinions, thoughts, rants, comments and so forth so don't be a stranger...urr unless you fear stranger danger.

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