Off To The Desert

Joshua Tree Palm Springs The License To Chill

It's that time of year again - festival season! Not to date myself but I remember the days when Coachella was one weekend and daily passes were a thing. Crazy how hype and time changes things. Posts start to riddle the internet about what outfits to pack and how to look festival ready. Truthfully, I find that funny. Why you ask? Not only is this taking place in the desert but I was under the impression that when you go to a festival, it is all about the music, the vibe and the people you surround yourself with. Of course its a plus when you can look nice even though you just danced till you're drenched. My packing advice for Coachella is as follows. 1. Comfortable shoes - you will be on your feet most of the day so they better be comfy. I'd recommend some vans or cute booties. 2. Baby wipes - the desert is a beauty and dirty place, so sometimes a wipe down is refreshing.  3. Bandanna - it gets windy and you don't want to end up with dirt in your eyes or mouth. 4. Button down shirt - for when the temperature dips, you'll want to stay cozy. 5. SPF - the sun is a cruel temptress and sunburns are no fun. 6. Sunglasses - speaking of the sun, protect your eyes people  7. Camera - trust me when I say there will be wicked moments/scenarios that you'll want to capture. I usually go with a trusty disposable. 8. Water bottle - the desert is hot, plus if you're dancing your butt off, stay hydrated. 

Guisou Akhavan