Reflection & Gratitude

Reflecting back on 2017, I have dealt with my share of disappointments and struggles. Yet grateful for those moments of growth in between. Being given the opportunities to reach certain goals and achieve special milestones was also a highlight of mine. I was fortunate to travel the world, make new friends and be involved in unique projects. I look forward to keeping this momentum going.

Furthermore, since the new year has commenced I thought I would write a letter to 2018. 

Dear 2018, 

Please show me kindness and strength. To be kind to myself and the strength to know when to speak up or move on. To show the citizens of the world that vulnerability is not a weakness and our differences add variety to life. For those that are self-serving to wake up and realize their actions are impactful, no matter how larger or small. And lastly, for our priorities to be with good intention. I love you and whatever you bring our way.

❤️ G