Santa Barbara Getaway

I highly recommend anyone who needs a digital detox to get in their car and drive along the California coast. It's not only breathtaking, but relaxing too! 

Recently I had the opportunity to make my way down to Santa Barbara for my good friend, Natalie's bachelorette. Normally the word bachelorette brings about anxiety and trepidation (think vegas & all things phallic) but we kept things classy during our weekend getaway.

Bacara Resort was our destination of choice and we relished in all the amenities this place had to offer. From our spanish inspired villas to walks along the beach and of course, necessary photo shoots. In addition to spending quality time with Natalie, my favorite part was our private yoga session overlooking the ocean. Pure. Magic. Might as well call me a yogi now.....ok maybe not.

Ultimately, whether you are having a bachelorette or need a necessary getaway, this is the place to be.

P.s. Congrats Nat!

Guisou Akhavan