Desert Frolics


Hi 👋🏼 Yep thats me up there!

Let me tell ya,  Joshua Tree & Palms Springs are such magical places to visit if you ever have the chance.

One of the reasons I made the trek out there was due in part of the Desert X art exhibition. Unfortunately most of the exhibit is closed but there are a few amazing installations that are available for public viewing. Had a chance to see The Circle of Land and Sky created by artist @phillipksmith3 & The Mirage (aka mirror house) by artist @dougaitkenworkshop. Afterwards, did some exploring in Joshua Tree National Park. It's so easy to get lost in the beauty of the land. Hiking up & within the crevasses of these gigantic boulders is awe inspiring & humbling. 

While you're out in the desert, you should make a mandatory visit to Pappy & Harriets for some delicious grub & live local bands. Unless you time it right & end up seeing some pretty rad gigs *cough* Nicholas Jarr, The XX, Lourde *cough*