Borough Market

You guys, I'm back in london again & I couldn't be happier. Granted the flight from Chicago to London was long & boring - they didn't even have individual screens *cue 90's flashback* Succumbed to reading the inflight magazine about a dozen times while trying to stay awake - which was easy since the kids sitting behind me kept on kicking my chair! One day I'll fly first class, but until then, squished window seats for me.

Once I settled in, I had the chance to pop my head into Borough Market aka Britain's greatest food market. Goes without saying that as an epicure, I was thrilled! The moment you make way towards the market grounds, an array of smells whirl around you, making you salivate with excitement as your mind wonders what to nibble on first. From traditional indian cuisine to fresh shucked oysters - the options are endless. In addition to scrumptious goodies, there were plenty of shops filled with fun knickknacks. I highly suggest grabbing yourself a bite to eat and then finding a peaceful corner to people watch - it's the best! Granted it's can be a bit of a touristy hot spot, locals still flock to this delightful venue.