Thanks + Giving

The smell of cinnamon and butter wafting in the air, the comforts of family and food. Gotta love thanksgiving. Yes, often it's a gluttonous celebration where we're filled to the brim with stuffing, turkey and all the accoutrements, undoing the top button of our trousers to admire our full bellies. But Wednesday Addams also reminds us that this day has a melancholy reality, especially in light of current events regarding DAP & Standing Rock Sioux. That being said, I do appreciate that this holiday undertone is to bring friends & family together, be mindful & grateful for the year's "harvest." I was fortunate this year to be a part of a lovely friends-giving, where we enjoyed each others company, had a few laughs, spoke about what we were grateful for and ate till we needed to be rolled out. Below are a few snaps of the glorious spread that was consumed!

Guisou Akhavan