Georgia On My Mind

Hotlanta is a well deserved nickname for this amazing city! It was my first time visiting this historic melting pot and I was not disappointed. I definitely basked in all of Atlanta's glory from it's delicious BBQ to the colorful murals speckled throughout the city and lest we forget its rooted history. People were so kind and hospitable out there, that it gives you hope that the world will be just fine. I will say that its been a long time since I have experienced such humidity. Take my advice and stick to flowy natural fiber dresses. Check out my pics and recommendations below! Also please share your experiences in the comment section x

If you’re looking for some juicy ribs, look no further than Fat Matt’s. This rib shack knows how to make some delicious food. Highly recommend going with the rib sandwich with a side of mac & collard greens.

Ok so every uber I got into the debate was between Fatt Matt’s and Fox Bro’s. Truthfully, it was a close call and though this might be blasphemy for some, I liked Fatt Matt’s better. Buuuuut thats not to say that Fox Bro’s didn’t have great sauces and definitely some unique grub options such as my Frito chili side. Ultimately, you decide. Now you might be asking, whats with the houses? Around the BBQ stand, there were some great homes and a short walk away from the town which had some stellar shops.

All in all, Atlanta is a lovely place to visit abet a bit humid. People were extremely friendly, night life was fun with great music to groove to, and is a destination full of rich culture. Highly recommend putting this spot on your list.