How To Get In a Good Mood

Some days, you can't help but to feel moody. Maybe you were let down by a friend, trying to sort out your financial future or just plain woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It can be tough to get out of that funk. But they say when life gives you lemons, be like Beyonce and make some lemonade. So here are some helpful steps to get you in a good mood. 

1. Take a digital detox - it's so easy to get caught up in whatever everyone else is doing or needing social media validation but what's even better is when you give yourself a rest from looking like a fiend, checking your phone every 5 seconds.

2. Exercise/Meditation - ok so maybe sitting in a chair and trying not to think about things may be harder than expected, to each their own. But perhaps an avenue to feeling good, through yoga or spin class, can give you the boost of endorphin your body needs to feel aaaah.

3. Give back - sometimes we forget how lucky we are. To have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and are physically healthy. When you give back, it's a nice little reminder to be grateful for the things you might have slightly taken for granted. 

4. Eat well - this should be a no-brainer. As the saying goes "your body is a temple" so it might be a good idea to put down the fast food & eat something with a bit more substance. Especially foods that are jam packed with vitamin D & B (great mood boosters).

5. Be Reflective - when you get to write down your feelings, it can make it all the more obvious in finding the culprit to your moody woes. Also it's a cheap version of therapy. 

If all else fails, put on some upbeat jams and just dance your feelings away! Hope you have a stellar day x

Guisou Akhavan