Breathtaking Barcelona

If you've been watch this space lately, then you might know I just went on a recent trip to Barcelona. This is part due to needing a break from the lovely London weather. Also it's a shame not to take advantage of having the rest of world just a click away (thank you internet). From the warm rays of sunshine to the friendly faces, this is the place to visit when you need some sabroso and vitamin D. In between gorging myself of the delicious tapas and walking till my legs felt like noodles, I did check out some breathtaking views. How can you not, when you're surrounded by the works of Gaudi. I leave you with a pictorial round-up of my adventures, excluding my self-indulgent photos - its better this way. 

P.s. I'm listening to George Michael's Careless Whisper while writing this post. This is the woman I've become.

Though I've been told the trek to Park Guell can be more grueling in warmer weather, it was a great little hike. Helped that there were splendid views along the way and I had my trusty backpack with me. I do recommend booking your tickets in advance if you want to see the part that Guell & Gaudi designed together. The rest of the space is free to roam around in, or if you fancy, just take a seat & be serandaded by the sound of guitars strumming. 

What's traveling without experiencing the culinary delights? Pointless. Now we've got that out of the way, this is why Barcelona's mercado La Boqueria is a must see (and eat). They have a delightful array of nibbles that will satisfy any tastebud. Also Spain is very proud of its Jamon - that's ham fyi. I'm talking slabs and slabs of it. A carnivores delight. Don't worry though, vegetarians can still enjoy the scrumptious offerings of this place with some out of this world empanadas. My recommendation is enter hungry & leave happy. 

Casa Milá is a architectural beauty. This isn't just another pretty building - it is still has residential occupants. What I'd do to own an apartment like that *sigh* but its design goes beyond mere aesthetics - it is extremely practical. Also that view is something else. And since its 2017, once again recommend purchasing tickets online rather than waiting in line like a plebian.