Just Shake It Off

So real quick, these past two weeks I was dealing with a horrid flu - I'm talking cold sweats, drained energy & sinus issues galore. Yay. In those bed ridden, Netflix induced moments, I couldn't wait to get better to go back to training. Because I wanted to break a sweat that wasn't caused by a sickness, to be surrounded by a group of fantastic people who have the same dedication, and not gonna lie, I wanted to tone up. 

You've probably heard me say it in previous posts but I can't help but to gush over something that really has been the catalyst in me finding balance, strength & motivation. Its awe inspiring to have someone like Bryna who keeps me in check, shows me copious amounts of love & guidance, and allowing me to make it this far. The team she has developed at B Fit Los Angeles genuinely mirror that exuberance and zeal for making sure each one of us in a session are given the attention & tough love we need to persevere.

Habits take 27 days to be formed & once you create that new pattern thats healthy for you, you can't help but to feel blah when you can't partake in those outlets. Working out is that for me. Seriously. Have you ever had a shitty day, or getting over a bad date or just feel sad? Well I have. Moments where I wanted to punch a wall, scream in a pillow or dive spoon first into a pint of Ben & Jerry. But besides spiking sugar and cortisol levels, doesn't help me much. I know some people meditate or turn to substances to take the edge off life but instead I took to signing up for classes.

Of course I'm tempted to press the snooze & just stay in my blanket burrito but all I'm doing is quitting before I start. Since I've started, I no longer go on the scale, I can open a jar with ease, I have loads more energy & I think the best part of all is that I am sincerely happier. 

So the end all be all in this is that if I was given the same opportunity again and again, I would choose B Fit Los Angeles. Also can we just take a look at these cool pics?!