Humor Me

TADA! New blog post on my new site. Tots radical, yah? 

Man oh man, where do I start? There has been soo freaking much happening these days, from projects (such as this) to traveling, dating life and everything in between. 

Let me start off by saying, its best to rely on only yourself to get ish done. I know it may come off as abrasive or pessimistic, but one solid piece of advice I can give is to never expect anything out of anyone. Why you may ask? It leads to disappointment. There is nothing more satisfying than achieving goals without assistance. With that said, when you do find someone who constantly surpasses your "lack of expectations" in a positive way, NEVER let them go. Like never. They're like a bucket full of sunshine and rainbows. A magical creature & deserve to be treated as such. 

I feel like every year, airplane seats just keep getting smaller and smaller. Might have to do with the fact that Spirit Airlines sucks major dill weed. Learned that the hard way. Whoops. Disclaimer: I love LA. Ok so every time I visit the east coast, I'm tempted to just pick up and move out there. Particularly New York. Always something going on, something to see or something to eat. Win win in my book. Surprisingly I didn't eat any pizza while there, but I did try Chicago style pizza for the first time this summer & its safe to say NY style will win, always. Now if we are talking about hotdogs, thats another story *cough* portillos *cough* In fact, I was lectured on the importance of a ketchup free hotdog. A real sin out in Chi town. Take notes kiddos.

Now to the juicy part, dating life. Hmm where do I begin? Traits that are admirable but a rarity - honesty, straightforwardness, humor, humbleness, tactfulness, genuineness. Honestly, its hilarious getting to know guys as a persian woman - every one is in your business like white on rice. Chill out yo. Focus on your own life please and thank you. I am very much single & no I don't want to meet your uncle's son's cousin who is a doctor or something. Unless he has a beard. 

No blog is complete without pictures for those who rather look at images than words. So below I included some puppy pics because who doesn't love that?