Post Thanksgiving Rehab

Ugggh the turkey wasn't the only thing that was stuffed this Thanksgiving weekend. I just couldn't say no to another slice of pecan pie or that extra serving of mashed potatoes. But its all good in the hood cause I have BFit to keep me in check. Its crazy how I can see changes in my body (hello toned legs) and also more strength & endurance! Hallejurrr. 

I honestly am thankful for having such a dedicated and attentive trainer like Bryna!! Granted I do sometimes reaaaally wanna press the snooze button but I wake up to viewing such awe-inspiring sunrises plus get my day going on the right foot. 

P.s., to kick off the holiday season right, she's throwing an epic sale that I wanted to share with ya'll! Would be so fun to have ya breakin a sweat with me! Only lasts till this Friday!!!

Also p.s.s., come join me this Sunday at Lululemons for a free workout session - just rsvp to - super duper easy & fun!