Destress with B Fit Los Angeles

You know the drill, the 9-5 job, traffic, bills, and everything in between. Sometimes that all can add up resulting in heaps of stress. Thats how I've been feeling as of late, just a big ball of bleh. I've always felt better after a good workout session but never had the focus to keep being consistent so thats why I decided to do something about it & signed up for B Fit Los Angeles classes. 

Yesterday I started off my morning with one of their yoga classes channeling my inner warrior. Was refreshing to stretch out & meditate after a long week, not to mention it was a positive way to start my day.

P.S. Also last week I was able to attend Bryna's monthly Metabolic Circuit event with Front Runners WEHO & won a pair of amazing sneakers courtesy of Front Runners! A big thank you again for such a sweet surprise! Also it was nice to meet with the trainers that will be kicking my ass in the upcoming months ;)