In The Moment

You've heard it countless times: cherish every moment. whether the people or the experience, you never know if you will get another chance. its funny how we think as humans, we are resilient to the thrashes and blows that is part of this life package. we aren't immortal, we do not know our fate and what will become of us. its just a roll of the dice. all we have is love & faith. cherish those two things. don't be afraid to speak up or to be raw. please relish in every moment. give all of yourself to the things you love. don't be afraid to take risks because you might not get the same opportunity again. just do it.

recently I had a moment where I was reflecting (im such a virgo) and noticed that I became a hoarder - not with material possessions but with people and circumstances. we want more and more memories, photos, friends; the list goes on. but its not healthy if quality is compromised with quantity. a part of me wants to just give away all my things and start anew. i look at it as clearing my headspace.

I admire those who have come to their own at an early age, knowing with such confidence what they want. sure some might second guess themselves later on but nonetheless its inspiring. why go on dates with guys that don't want a future with you? why buy those mules just because its on trend (you probably already have enough shoes)? why spend another miserable hour at a job you despise? it doesn't make sense why we settle. you are not living in a dream world just because you want to travel the world, or want to start your own company or any other aspiration you have. set high goals because little by little becomes alot. and if anyone tells you that you are daydreaming and living in a fantasy, go tell them to stuff it. surround yourself with people that inspire you to achieve greatness, not smother your confidence. live in the moment.