Spring Forward

being persian entails observing unique holidays. one in particular is nawruz or any other way you decide to spell it. translated it means the new year.  the celebration of the spring equinox. aka march 21st. now now, you might be saying that thats what january 31st represents but alas, we persians like to do things differently. this holiday is best described as a mix between christmas and the end of the gregorian calendar. whether you are christian, jewish, muslim, bahai or any other faith, if you're of middle eastern decent you most likely celebrate this wondrous time of year. side note, you don't have to be middle eastern to ring in nawruz. traditionally we have this awesome set up which features the 7 s' (haft-seen). sabzeh - wheat sprouts symbolizing rebirth, samanu - sweet pudding symbolizing affluence, senjed - dried wild olive symbolizing love, sir - garlic symbolizing medicine, sib - apple symbolizing beauty and health, somac - sumac fruit symbolizing the sunrise & finally serkeh - vinegar symbolizing patience and old-age. i told you its a unique tradition. anyways, enough of this persian lesson. I wish to you all a happy first day of spring. may it be full of love, happiness & health!