Friday is just a day away and like many of us, we are excited for the weekend. But to be honest, I don't know if I'm looking forward to it. Thats because I'll have free time and with that for my mind to over-think and obsess over things that the dust is settling around. These are the ebbs and flows of life. The trials and tribulations. I'm not trying to be dramatic, just a realist. Whether its about past opportunities that slipped through your fingers or the ever so stubble pangs of a withered love - its called being human. Or in my case a pms woman who really needs cuddles...and chocolate...maybe some pizza too. Of course I have an array of things I have going on this weekend with people that are loving and supportive & down right fun. I also know that my mind will be ruthless in taking advantage of this opportunity. Sometimes I question whether I should post this and be vulnerable, letting strangers read what is making my mind tick but then I hope that this will resonate with someone so they don't feel alone.

I read this quote which put me a little at ease: "Unless the season of winter appear, thunder roll, lightening flash, snow and rain fall, hail and frost descend and the intensity of cold execute its command, the season of the soul-refreshing spring would not come, the fragrant breeze would not waft, the moderation of temperature would not be realized, the roses and hyacinths would not grow, the surface of the heart would not become a delectable paradise, the trees would not bloom, neither would they bring forth fruits and leaves. That was the beginning of the manifestation of these roses, hyacinths, buds, blossoms and fruits." Though california is lacking in this winter season, I know I'm in that blizzard, trying to be hopeful, all though I'm bone cold and looking for warmth. Just means I'm in transitions. <3