Gloom & Doom

Does Halloween count as a holiday, because it should. Its my favorite day because everyone gets festively ghoulish and it marks all the holidays to come. Every year I try to dress up in a somewhat unique costume since its too easy and over done to look like a slut and by slut I mean lacking any talent or clothes. This year I have decided to channel Cruela De Vil. One thing for sure is I'm going to need a lot of white hairspray. To get into the spirit, yesterday I went with a few friends to the Hollywood haunted hayride. Personally its not as scary as the haunted house that Pierce College throws every year but this was conveniently closer. I ended up with so much hay down my pants and stuck to my socks. Still, waiting in the cue with a cup of hot apple cider and donut holes while getting scared by the freaks shlepping around was exciting. Looking forward to seeing the costumes on Santa Monica Blvd this year! I've included some pics from last years halloween parade and my granny costume in addition to some from the haunted hayride. Anyways, hope everyone has a safe and spooky halloween!


Really wanted to go on that merry-go-round. Seems like something from a Tim Burton Film.