One Dress A Day

Don't you ever look into your closet and wonder what the hell you're gonna wear for an evening out? I mean even Romy & Michele had that problem. However there is a lovely new solution - One Dress A Day! It's this amazing new commerce site (don't deny you're secretly addicted to online shopping) that offers a unique collection ranging from chic workwear outfits to that va va voom date night dress.One Dress A Day has everything is designed and made in good ol' USA. Sourcing unique fabrics, fine silks, gorgeous beaded and sequined materials and such lovely laces from around the world. I don't blame them since they get inspiration from their globe trotting travels to such gorgeous and lively countries like Italy & France!

So pretty much how the site works is that each day a new dress is published on the site, however you never know if they have 50 or 500 in stock so you better act fast missy. Gotta love the rush! Each fashion forward dress price runs about $169. A great investment if you ask me. I've included some of my favorites below. Also how cute is that pup!