Brain Freeze

Current artist: James Blake (listen to this)

Mood: Determined

Thoughts: There has been this strong urge to get a puppy. Whether that be through rescue sites or craigslist, I want to snuggle up to a pooch and give him/her some tlc. Perhaps it has to do with the majority of my friends who are having/just had a baby. So I mean naturally my maternal instincts are a little on high & I can't help myself.

How can you say no to that face? I can't.


From what free time I do have to spend chatting with my close friends, I feel the lot of us are stil on this journey, whether working on paying off student loans, to wondering if choosing said career path was a good choice, to settling down and so forth. Its a confusing world out there, with endless options. Having hope allows you to cope, that everything will turn out fine. But you can't just sit on your behind and think that *poof* something magically is going to work out for you - you gotta put in effort.


Why are sports bras so expensive? I've been dabbling into getting fit/workout jam and its just wonderful the next day when you wake up sore. There is this sense of accomplishment, even if that means it takes a good ten minutes to try and put on a shirt (sore arms are the least of my word -squats). But buying appropriate workout clothes kinda becomes of important. Especially so when you realize that your workout leggings only accentuate your crotch sweat (sorry innocent bystanders). And if you have boobsicles, you want those bad boys in place but to pay 50 plus dollars seems a bit much. This is why I love forever21's athletic section! You should really have a gander.