Realness & Reliability

Ok as a forewarning, this is going to be a bit of a rant. Yay. Anyways, let me start off by saying that lately while pondering on life's greatest mysteries and conundrums, I unintentionally bumped into the fact that finding solid friends is somewhat difficult. Difficult in the sense of establishing friendships with those of good intentions, who lack that "crazy" look in their eyes, and for the most part, have similar (insert positive and wholesome) ambitions in life as you. Yet there is a certain blandness that is associated with those who are the "safe" kind of friends, the ones who will never burn you or end up taking a ride on the crazy train, leaving you behind coughing black lung. There are an array of articles labeling those in their twenties as lost, err I mean on a meaningful journey to sort themselves out from the rest of the puzzle pieces in their lives. Seems more like an intense game of sudoku to which I personally am befuddled with at the moment. The point to this is that those friendships seem more like sandcastles, and the waves are weakening it. Hope I'm not getting too philosophical here, its just that with observation, I have become aware that some friendships seem to drift apart, whether that be through different views on life or because they have underlying motives that are slowly becoming apparent. Sometimes you just have to ride solo. 


Being persian can be an eerily similar mix of Shahs of Sunset meets The Housewives of Beverly Hills. Very sheshe. Especially when it comes to gossip. A little spark note: I've been told I'm a hipster and a whitewash persian. Take that however you like, I just am being myself and not adhering to any mold. Be that as it may, I am proud to have a unique heritage. Now to touch on the gossip part of it all. Not that long ago my parents attended a fundraiser that I was not present for. While there, chitchatting away, an acquaintance of my mother came up to her and asked if I was dating a certain gentleman (someone who I had only met once over a year ago mind you - also I am single). My mom chuckled and dismissed that notion, yet however three more ladies throughout the night asked the same question. The next day my mom relayed the story to me and I thought it was hilarious. However when the humor subsided, I became annoyed by the fact that this actually happened.  Gossip, no matter what it may be about is still just that, gossip. Middle Eastern women are notorious for it. Sometimes people just have nothing better to do that talk smack. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." So people, lets start being great & brush off the pettiness.