Every year, Bahai's partake in a 19 day fast. In essence we behave like vampires - no I'm not talking about the blood sucking, coffin sleeping part, but rather where we do not eat while the sun is up. It's a way for us to detach from the material things of this world, that some would say is quite vital to us, and feed our spiritual side aka our soul. Once the 19 days of fast have transpired, we partake in a joyous feast and ring in "Naw Ruz = New Year" which is the first day of Spring & is the same time that Persians also celebrate the dawn of the Spring Equinox. That being said, when it comes to the fast, Rainn Wilson accurately depicts how this happens in a recent Huffington Post article. I've included a little excerpt below."In all the worlds' major faiths there is an essential paradox: we are spiritual beings having a human experience through our corporeal bodies. Our reality is dual in nature, and fasting, as an act of physical renunciation, reminds us of our greater reality -- the reality of our spirit and our heart."


Persian New Year. Let me just say its like Christmas (sorta). & when it comes to celebrations, Persians, err I mean Iranians, know how to throw a party. Usually the day results in being gathered around your close friends & family, exchanging gifts, dancing, consuming mouthwatering meals and drinking lots and lots of tea. This year LACMA held a joyful event featuring a vibrant Haft Sรฎn, traditional persian dancers and a myriad of musical talents to help commemorate Naw Ruz. I've included a few snaps below.