Chop Chop

Do you believe that life teaches you lessons - big & small? One moment this sense of power rushes over you and then like the change of the wind, you can't help but to feel hopeless. I'm not talking about swift changes but gradually, over time. Time being your best friend and worst enemy. The rush to achieve things because society says its time. Feeling jealous to see others reach those things sooner than you. For succumbing to the ideals of what defines beauty. Youthfulness partakes in a joyful dance with naivety. While at the nail salon today, I was having a pleasant chat with the manicurist. As the conversation progressed, we dabbled on the topic of friendships. She left Vietnam 2 years ago, leaving behind her good friends and fiancΓ©e. Divulging in the fact that its hard to find a good friend these days, that "people smile but its fake." This really resonated with me. As you can see from my prior post, friendships can be difficult things to maintain, this concept of time slowly drifts people apart. What once was endless summer days hanging out has now manifested into summer internships, family time, etc and the shift changes. Is the meaning of friendship about being there all the time, at their beck and call? What about forgiveness, is that part of the contract of friendship? Then with the passing days, weeks, and months you come to terms that you can only do so much, that friendships fade, they come in waves & you have to be content with that. People change their ideals, locations, and so forth. But I have come to this conclusion, if you lump up one persons lack of understanding to include others, you will just live a sad and lonely life. Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries. Remember them.

"The way in which a person loses their true goodness is just like the way that trees are destroyed by the ax. Cut down day after day, how can the mind, anymore that the tree, retain its beauty or continue to live." - Mencius