The Countdown

Long gone are the elementary school days when we were certain that we would receive valentines day cards filled with treats (granted it was mandatory). It made you feel special. Then along came middle school where words cannot describe what was happening to your body let alone your social life. You'd dread P.E. like it was the plague, as the popular girls were revealing their thong straps and shaved legs - two things you were still reluctant about. & lets not talk about the smirf colored uniforms. So when the announcement of sweetie grams belled over the loud speakers, you gathered what friends you had and made a pack to send each other one so homeroom wouldn't be so pathetic. For the most part it worked. & then there came high school. At that point there was no point to really care about valentines day but you still did. Thankfully your sweet mom would give you a valentines day card and flowers and say you were her valentine but in high school it seems slightly embarrassing (thoughtful nonetheless). You paid witness to the jocks and pep rally girls getting showered with gifts, from huge teddy bears to lavish amounts of red roses. Yes, your friends and you would joke about how lame it was (we were preparing ourselves for the inevitable gloating device now known as Facebook) but you'd still go home with a subtle sting. It's really just a silly holiday which has been overhyped so that consumerism can continue. Still with all that being said, we all want to love and be loved.


Anywayssssss.... we all know that Valentines day can go one of two ways - one of dread or one of high expectations. Either way, that day of love tends to have a lot of pressure. So why not change that a little. Whether you're gonna stay in and watch movies while tending to your pint of ice cream or go out, you can make it an enjoyable day. Why follow the traditional ways of Valentines? Instead try karaoke, ice skating, baking, 90's movie marathon, jazz bar, etc. So whether you choose a stripclub or stripsteak, have fun.