Feed Me!

Let me paint the picture for you. You're on your way to venice, bundled up to be prepared for the 40 degree weather (feel free to scoff east coasters), and finally make it to your destination - a metal barn. There is a point where you ask yourself, am I at the right spot and quickly realise that you are. Once you slide the door open, you see yourself in the midst of a large group of 40+ people, friends and strangers alike, all ready to tickle their tastebuds and satisfy their stomach with a mouthwatering culinary feast. It was such a unique experience and I'm grateful to have been invited to partake in the FoodShop's delightful monthly tradition especially surrounded by such pleasant company. I was too busy feeding my stomach to take many pictures but if the below is any indication, you know it was good. It was an exquisite Korean inspired menu: 

Lotus Tempura: lotus root with Sriracha-kimchi aioli | Ddeok Rice Cakes:Korean rice cakes, braised cabbage, gochujang sauce | Apple Kimchi Salad:Fuji apple, mixed greens, kimchi, thick slab bacon, yogurt sauce | Bo Ssam: caramelized pork shoulder, ggaennip & lettuce leaves, kimchi, daikon, pickles | Ice Cream & Crumble black sesame ice cream, caramelized pears, crumble.