To The New Year!

I'm getting a lot of positive vibes from you 2013. Its the time where we all start anew, kinda like getting back into school after summer. Brand new binders, pens (the more the merrier) and backpacks - just ready to take on the world errr I mean semester. Already, I am following through with some of my resolutions and hoping that my vigor doesn't fade away as the new year progresses. My legs feel like jello, my stomach hurts when I laugh and my arms have difficulty putting on a sweater. Though it feels like a semi hit me, I love feeling that my efforts at the gym are (painfully) paying off. Im looking at you March. Another goal I have is to wear more dresses and skirts. I have trouble remembering when was the last time I wore anything remotely girly. Its nice to wear something feminine and get in touch with your delicate side. Still working on the "walk gracefully in heels" part. One step at a time (pun intended). Another adjustment I'd like toΒ implementΒ into this year is being of service to others. Actions speak louder than words & thats what I'll do - be of action and assist those in need. If anyone wants to join in with me in doing thisΒ or this, please let me know! Oh and if you have any causes you're passionate about Id love to hear. A reminder to myself - stay positive, graceful and kind.P.s. Happy birthday to my llama for lifeΒ Laura!



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