What is in a title? You know that of a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" or even the concept of dating. All too frequently, especially now that I'm getting older and as persians like to believe, "ripe" for marriage, I cannot escape the bombardment of statements ranging from "one day it will be your turn" or "have you found any suitors" and so forth. & its not just the old grandparents, its literally a village worth of people asking. Don't get me wrong, I think thats sweet that these people want to see me happy in finding my soulmate but that pressure leaves me frazzled and stressed. Of course I want all of that & the white picket fence. My obsession with cute mormon bloggers like Taza or Andrew & Carissa does not help the situation. Yes, I've been forewarned that images can be deceiving and on the surface things seem dandy but I'm a sucker for love. Its funny when you're younger, you are beyond carefree with getting to know someone but as age starts creeping in you start having a list of demands and wants. Job, car, a place to live, polite, family oriented, funny, etc. Oddly, sometimes that isn't enough. You want to live in a fairytale that relationships are like The Notebook or A Walk To Remember, but they're not. They take work, compromise and understanding. Oh did I mention patience? To some thats enough yet I've come face to face with brick walls in getting to know someone. As much as I don't want to admit it, faith plays are large role in all of this because eventually you don't see eye to eye on certain things. My question, is do people date to date or to get to know someone for a serious commitment err "marriage?" I just want things to turn out fine. To find someone that continues to make that light inside of me shine brighter and brighter & I to them.Posted, G