Rewind & Recap

Where do I begin about my Arizona trip? Well we made our way out there for the 28th Grand Canyon Baha'i Conference. If you're curious about what Baha'i is click here. After our little 6 hour journey to get there, I was able to hang with my family who came from all over such as Oregon to Australia and Germany. Like whoa! Beyond on that, I got to see tons of my friends and make new friends which is a win win for me. Oh did I mention I sat in on a talk giving by Dwight err I mean Rainn Wilson. Yup, you read right. It was quite inspirational. Thennnnn I got a great seat to see Andy Grammer perform. Such a rad dude. Eventually the conference came to an end. Goodbyes and farewells were said and into the car we went. Did make a few fun stops while heading back to LA. All in all I had a blast! Also check me out slash follow me here & here.IMG_2756IMG_2747IMG_2759IMG_2764IMG_2791IMG_2802IMG_2806IMG_2807IMG_2811IMG_2821IMG_2837IMG_2867RainndinnerIMG_2910IMG_2895IMG_2892IMG_2556Posted, G