Sigur RosMeditative, ethereal and gentle - Sigur Rós is the playground for the spirt. It was to no surprise when I heard news that the band were putting on a “valtari film experiment” ( a screening of 17 official and fan-created short films based off the Valtari album) I had to buy myself a ticket. The beautiful thing is that the screening of these shorts are to be held on all seven continents - yup, antartica too! Our venue was held at the Cinema Purgatorio theater in downtown LA, but some will be in music venues, hardware stores, salons, and of the like. Side note: while we were out there, we had to get our ramen fix at Orochon Ramen. The. Best.

Ok so a little bit about this screening. All entries had the same modest budget to work with and the utmost creative freedom to conjure up what developed through listening to Sigur Rós' latest album. Though there were the generic nature and dance entries, the below stood out to me. Feel free to take a peek.





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