Cyrcle's Organized Chaos

Ello ello puppets, pardon my delay - had to pull myself up from the bootstraps but I'm here. Let me tell you about my weekend - more importantly, this splendid Cyrcle art event I attended. Can you say marvelous? All wonderful people with exquist talent. Together, they created this detailed interactive artshow to which the audience contribute in the development of the art. As they put it's the "metaphor of intertwined relation between bee and flower to illuminate the symbiosis betweenΒ art and society." I've included a little photo recap of the wonderful and captivating sights.p.s. happy birthday hair doug!


The DougsCyrcle Cyrcle Cyrcle Cyrcle Cyrcle IMG_2248 IMG_2249 Cyrcle Cyrcle Cyrcle Hair DougCyrclePosted, G