Introspective Ponderings

Is it Monday already? Its funny that Monday seems so far away from Friday and yet Friday soo close to Monday. Not feelin it. Anyways, these past few weeks I've been mulling over this whole RESPECT thing. Especially since the holidays are right around the corner and the madness of Black Friday will cause riots and pandemonium. Oh the joy of the holidays. But seriously, have you read the crazy things that have ensued due to this? Like whoa. Aretha Franklin had it right. A little goes a long way. But respect goes beyond that of others. Sometimes we need to remember to respect ourselves.It is so simple and yet it can be easy to forget and compromise our integrity, slowly without being aware, losing respect for ourselves. Eventually people will do the same and this black hole develops. For example, you tell someone you aren't eating red meat for the month- not a big deal right? But they keep on pushing it on you to "just have a bite of this steak" or "its only a slice of pepperoni pizza." Sure its tempting and probably extremely scrumptious (its only a bite) but its the principle behind it. You give yourself a goal and truly want to follow through so if you cave in, you are just showing others you're weak & your words don't quite account to much. And there you have it, respect for yourself is lost.

“In ethical terms, the one thing you can never afford to lose is the reputation you have in the eyes of those around you---and the paradox is, that reputation derives mostly from your own view of yourself.” - Dale Carnegie

"Ye must strive with heart and soul that ye may become renowned in character and knowledge." - Abdu'l-Baha