Naughty by Nature

what did I do when dial up still existed? oh yeah, made sure my mom didn't pick up the phone mid AOL chat. when I wasn't play duke nukem I was battling with pogs. let me reminisce a little ok? my inner child needs to relish a bit in how glorious errr not to mention awkward growing up was. what was I talking about again...ah yes! internet. well these days we have this fantastic thing called google & i've been catching some wicked waves via the web. score!


Lasers! you might be thinking austin powers while im thinking a virtual keyboard. intriguing, no? pretty fancy shmancy stuff if I do say so myself.


in other words, I've been testing my culinary skills as well as simplifying my eating habits. trying to be vegan or vegetarian when being persian can be summed up by this clip. fast forward to 4:15 and then you'll understand. nonetheless I am trying to expand my palate to which i've found some scrumptious recipes via girl makes food. mmm potato skins.


last tangent. Halloweeeeeeeeen! my favorite holiday (don't care if some people don't count it as one) this is the only time you can get really creative and channel whom/whatever you want to be, witness tons of parades (weho anyone?) not to mention haunted houses aaaaaand you get to decorate slash carve pumpkins slash enjoy the fall harvest. sign me up. got a few costume ideas - back to the future, disney, and straight up i have no idea. this should be fun.

Hilarious costume ideas

what about YOU? any fun halloween ideas, events, treats you'd like to share? comment away... if you dare