Livin' The Vida Loca

As Ricki Martin circa the 90's would say I've been "livin' the vida loca" which in case you're wonder (doubt it) means living the crazy life! Have you strolled sunset? Yeah exactly. Anyways, lots of new projects on the horizon so keep your eyes peeled. Until then here's a little recap of what has been going since my last post. Enjoy!

 oh - so i've been taking the bus and can't help but to be in awe of all the characters, not to mention smells, I encounter while waiting around. subtle stealth shots...

Baby G circa 1994

Commercial models chatting away

Sloppy drunk outside of Los Globos and Dirty dogs (so goooood)

LALA Gallery

Ran into this stylish duo at the Raconteur rooftop fiesta (& silverlake after)

How & Nosm


Pre babyshower

Addictive cupcakes with edible butterflies


Baroque button up

The cute Chanelle

Suited up

Harpers twin (photoshop bordem at its finest)

This guy - seriously though.

The standard...

Sunset preparation

Latest purchases courtesy of H&M (bought in 100 degree weather)

Soaking it up poolside


Gotta give my two cents about something that has been annoying me. perhaps its just a persian thing but this whole "lets keep our relationship discreet and then once we get engaged throw up all over all social media sites about how we're getting married."  I really dig your awkward pose showcasing your wedding ring & I realllllllly dig the stupid new facebook notification that highlights this is going on. Look, though it might seem I'm bitter, I'm not. Everyone should find happiness and love & pretty glad that those said individuals have, but going from one extreme to another is irritating. why hide something that you're proud of? is it fear? do you think you'll jinx it? how about being worried that people will meddle in? either way I don't get it & i'm certain that im not the only one. Proof: This hilarious tumblr. Your welcome.

** Quick clarification: I am not highlighting any specific person or situation, just an overall observation that personally leaves me baffled.