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Flakiness is part of the LA package (some might beg to differ but its true). I admit that I can be considered one of those people who at the last minute decide that being anti-social and watching Twin Peaks at home is more gratifying rather than socializing with people. ugh people. Or sometimes you just end up cramming too many things into your day that hang out sessions overlap. Then this guilt washes over you because you were ecstatic about hanging out and getting some much needed face time. Sometimes you can't help that your mom decides to randomly visit you or that you're stuck at work late, or forgetfully forget ... I mean I can write down more excuses but that's what they are. excuses. Its easy to flake until you get flaked on - oh how the tables turn! Perhaps investing in a daily planner or last minute plans might be a better route.


Its official - I'll be taking the bus for a few weeks. Feel free to follow me on twitter and read my irrelevant and odd observations about my bus rides. It will be enjoyable for you as it is for me.