Run Your Fingers Through My Hair

Ok so im still try to figure out this whole blogging thing so excuse my inconsistency with all the stuff that comes my way. Totally guilty. I know we're beyond Fashions Night Out buuuuuut I was able to upload my images finally. When I had a moment to spare, I snapped up a few outfits of the streetwalkers that caught my eye.

Pardon the pixels. Loved this girl's laid back yet chic style. From the chucks to the cuffed sweatpants, this look is a winner in my eyes.

Maybe it was her french accent or the way she held herself but Joy stood out amongst the rest of the crowd desperately waiting to get inside for the lil weezy event. The chevron print and studs say it all.


Things happen for a reason such as being wide awake at 2 am and incidentally going online shopping.... perhaps a curse. side note,  this is a horrible side note.