Back & Forth


Recently someone recommended I take a look at this unique site called Thought Catalog. It pretty much is what it sounds like - a compilation of thoughts, raw and real, odd and yet fascinating. This got me thinking...

Last night "Girl Stuff" went down. All my beezys and I were just chilling, chatting about everything under the sun. From "bang-cation" to parental tough love. I assume all things that anyone in their 20's finds relevant. It was then that obviously the talk about boys guys and all that hoopla went down. We got into it and I'm not going to lie, at one point I came face to face with what I was trying to avoid - total merp status. Think about it - you like a guy, they hopefully like you back. you exchange numbers which leads to long text conversations into the night. then you guys go on a date. awkwardly cute banter is exchanged. you laugh with a mouth full of sushi. you offer to pay, he shoots you down. then you take a stroll about town, bumping into friends. eventually you head back to his car. he opens the door. that's something unexpected in la. you two discuss philosophy, the awkward years of high school, dreams and headaches. he pushes back your hair. you're smitten. time passes by. you keep on talking. he tells you his situation. you haphazardly agree that you understand. time continues to pass by. texts become less frequent. you try to stay cool. you two bump into each other from time to time since la is too small to avoid anyone. another date occurs - adventure and laughter ensues. you remain stupidly hopefully. slowly without realizing it you create something else in your mind beyond the reality of the facts. facts that cannot be altered in anyway, yet you manage to do so. it is then you just need to comprehend that instead of signing up for emotional distress, to cut your losses and stay positive. As Harold, from Harold and Kumar, said"...the universe tends to unfold as it should."


#FNO. Yes its happening. The streets will be bustling, the swag bags will be flowing, and the cameras will be out. Feel free to stop by!