Murder She Wrote

I am severely overdue in updating my blog with some titillating post about my recent adventures and all the things I can easily relish about - you should see the drafts patiently waiting to be reviewed. However, I am going to change my approach for today and highlight what has been on my mind lately. Its this funny thing called life.There really isn't a manual on how to go about things - no hotline for inquiries if anything seems to be going awry. In essence we are all writing our own step by step instructions (i blame ikea for this analogy). Obviously there are certain aspects that hopefully are expected but the rest is in the air - waiting to be written by us. Occasionally I have observed that people fear to be genuine or real at the cost of exposing themselves and their egos to reality. Games are frequently played - either with good intentions or malicious torture. & regularly we are left scrutinizing the cold hard facts of what is happening around us.

I am torn by this weird feeling of happiness and a p p r e h e n s i v e n e s s. Β I see my fellow peers taking a multitude of different paths, some reaching certain milestones sooner than the rest and it just leaves me befuddled. The consensus is that there is no consensus - I'm not too young, I'm not too old, yet I don't feel quite settled. Β Settled into what? Still trying to figure that out. Knowing your own worth, knowing that good enough isn't acceptableΒ and that you will always be on this journey to figure yourself out, whether you're fifteen or fifty. It's refreshing Β to be self-aware, to take your actions into account each day and see what you can do to grow and learn. Selfless over selfish. Sometimes its trying and yet gratifying to do the right thing.

Anyways, enough of this life rant. I leave you with this video, cause isn't life just like a game dodgeball?