The Move...again

In the past year, I have moved 4 times but I can finally say I've found a place I can properly call home. Let me say first off that moving is super exhausting, expensive and time consuming like nobody's business. In the process of packing up things, I felt like I was taking a stroll down memory lane, where inanimate objects had profound triggers in reminding me of what was and what could be.

And as I settle into my own cozy place, I can't help but to have these thoughts of wanting to share this experience with a certain someone. To cook dinner and cuddle up on the couch, to get that puppy which will end up chewing on said couch. To laugh and possibly cry. To share experiences due to proximity rather than through words and stories.

This moment in my life has highlighted what I truly want; someone to spend my life with. But with that said, I've reached a point in my life that I personally need to grow on my own, be content with loneliness, strengthen my own voice and the confidence that comes with it. I have accomplished many things in my life and am grateful for those opportunities but I need to tackle this one aspect in my life that makes me vulnerable. Funny how a move brings these types of emotions to the surface. 

Also on a side note, buying a couch is one of the most difficult and adult things I've had to do.