Traveling Light

If you're anything like me, then you tend to over-pack. Mix that with moody weather & a flight with only a carry-on allowance, it starts to feels like you're dealing with the impossible but hope's not lost. When you streamline your packing list, it makes everything so much easier. Also traveling during the off-season months can actually be favorable. You end up avoiding such large crowds and find yourself in midst of cheaper flights. Win win! With the help of polyvore, I've included what works best for me when packing: winter edition. 

Layers, layers, layers! I cannot highlight this enough when packing for any trip, especially when you're only taking a carry-on. I recommend 2 outerwear pieces - one casual like a cardigan & a hooded coat (for when it decides to rain). Then 3 long sleeve tops, preferably warm for when the temperature decides to dip. Followed by 2 t-shirts - fun graphic shirts are a great choice. I like to match these with 2 pairs of pants - high waisted jeans & black trousers. Then comes the shoes! Its best to have one pair of sneakers & one pair of booties. Accessories are a vital addition. I like to go with sunglasses, some funky pair of earrings, and a chic watch. On the tech front, don't forget to pack your digital camera to snap up all your adventures & a battery case for when your iphone needs some juice. Lastly, a warm scarf, and a snug beanie. Once you've picked out what outfit to wear from your selection, for the plane, the rest of this can be stuffed in a roomy weekender bag!  

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Would love to know how you traveled light!